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Common file actions


Takes the file from Judah and saves it directly to your local computer. This file will now be completely disconnected from Judah; any changes will not be reflected to the copy that's still in Judah.

Attach an Item

Allows you to select any item you have access to and attach it to the file. This is very similar to an email attachment, in that it stays with the file wherever it goes in Judah.

Create an Event

Creates a new event with the file attached to it. The new event will, by default, be created in your calendar.


Linking allows you to take the file and place it in another location. This action doesn't move the file, but instead causes it to exist in multiple locations without making a copy. Changes to the file in one location will be seen in all other locations, because it really is the same file.


Brings up a window of all the users that are in your group. You can check any user(s) you want to have access to this file. Users with access will be able to make changes, comment on, and share the file.

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