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Inviting someone to Judah

Know someone that isn't on Judah and should be? We'll send them a friendly invitation to Judah, and when they sign up, you'll automatically receive a friend request from them.

  1. Go into the Community screen
  2. In the top right side, click the "Invite someone to Judah" button.
  3. The "Invite someone to Judah" window will open.
  4. Enter the email address of someone you would like to invite
  5. Optionally click the "Add another person" button to include another persons email address.
  6. Optionally enter a message on the large right text entry box for anyone that will receive your invitation.
  7. Click "Send Invitations" to finish.

We will never give out yours or any of your friends email addresses to third parties, and we will not send them any additional emails besides this invitation.

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